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UMAC Worldwide Database

Dr Cornelia Weber
Humboldt University at Berlin, Germany
Marta C. Lourenço
Museum of Science
University of Lisbon, Portugal


Marta Lourenço, Martin Stricker and I are developing a Web-based database in English for UMAC:

The UMAC Worldwide Database aims at providing a global directory of university museums and collections to be used by UMAC, researchers, students, and the general public world wide. The advantage of the system is that various people from all over the world will be able to enter data and keep it up to date. The database is based on two major pre-existing databases of university museums and collections:

- UMAC/Macquarie Database, developed by Peter Stanbury
- the database of German universities and collections, developed by myself.

Public Access

The database offers two completely different interfaces: one for public access (to obtain information) and another for designated people entering data. From the index page, one can browse the database by geographical category, by type or by subject. The numbers in brackets indicate the number of records per keyword. By clicking on a continent, country or type or by choosing a subject, the database system will show the list of selected records, ordered geographically or alphabetically. As soon as possible we also want to develop an index by object.

An additional "Quick Search" allows a full-text search, for example to find the collections of a specific university.