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Guidelines and Policies

Adapting to Change.pdf
Adapting_to_Change.pdf, 133 KB.

University Museums and Collections:
Importance, Responsibility, Maintenance, Disposal & Closure

(Statement.pdf, 70 KB.)

Guidelines for Hosting UMAC Conferences
(ConferenceGuidelines.pdf, 132 KB.)

Simplified UMAC Conference Guidelines
(ConferenceGuidelinesShort.pdf, 61 KB.)

ICOM Guidelines and Standards for Museums

Recommendation Rec(2005)13 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the governance and management of university heritage
(Rec(2005)13E.pdf, 122 KB.)

Recommandation Rec(2005)13 du Comité des Ministres aux Etats membres sur la gouvernance et la gestion du patrimoine universitaire et son Rapport explicatif
(Rec(2005)13F.pdf, 125 KB.)

Recommendations on the treatment of human remains in collections, museums and public places

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