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Associations concerned with University Museums & Academic Collections:

UMAC: ICOM’s International Committee for University Museums and Collections
UMAC was created in 2001 and it provides a forum for all those working in, or associated with, university museums, galleries and collections (including herbaria and botanical gardens). UMAC is concerned with the role of collections within higher education institutions and the communities they serve. The aim is to protect the heritage in the care of universities.
Website: (includes a database)
Primary document: University Museums and Collections: Importance, Responsibility, Maintenance, Disposal & Closure (2004)

In April 2000, representatives of collections and museums of several European universities assembled at Halle, signed the Halle Declaration and agreed to found the network Universeum. The objective of the network is to share knowledge and experiences among its members and to undertake joint projects with the aim of enhancing access to the collections at all levels.
Primary document: The Declaration of Halle: Academic Heritage and Universities: Responsibility and Public Access (2000).

University Museums Group UK (UMG)
UMG UK represents the interests of university museums and their staff and is increasingly acting as an advocate and pressure group for the sector.
Primary document: University Museums in the United Kingdom: a national resource for the 21st century (2004)

Stichting Academisch Erfgoed, The Netherlands (SAE)
SAE aims at the preservation of university collections and cultural treasures. It also wants to increase the accessibility to, and the awareness of, Dutch academic heritage.
Website: (includes a database)

University Museums in Scotland (UMIS)

Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, USA (AAMG)
formerly Association of Colleges & Universities Museums and Galleries (ACUMG)

Coordination Body for Scientific University Collections in Germany

University Museums in Mexico

University Museums in Italy

Korean Association of University Museums (KAUM)

Council of Australian University Museums and Collections (CAUMAC)

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