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Regional Initiatives

Regional Initiatives · UMAC in Mexico

Latin-American University Museums Network
Contact: William Alfonso López Rosas, Bogota
Further information: William Alfonso López Rosas, Latin-American University Museums Network. Declaration and Official Report
at: UMAC Conference 2007, Presentations (Text in English and Spanish)

Meeting of University Museums of the Mercosur
Contact: Graciela Weisinger
Further information: Declaration and Report  

University Collections and Museums in Mexico
Contact: Luisa Fernanda Rico Mansard, Mexico City
Further information:

University Museums and Collections in Germany
Contact: Cornelia Weber, Berlin
See: Coordination Centre for Scientiftic University Collections
See: Universitätsmuseen und -sammlungen in Deutschland

Finnish Council of University Museums and Collections
Contact: Panu Nykanen, Helsinki

Association of Academic Museums & Galleries
Contact: Craig Hadley, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Further information:

Network of Italian University Museums
Contact: Elena Corradini University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy
Further information:

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