UMAC 2019

University Museums and Collections as Cultural Hubs:

The Future of Tradition


Preliminary Program

Program  PDF (version 8.03.2019)


31 August

17.00-19.00 UMAC Board Meeting, University Museum of Cultures, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

19.00 UMAC Board Dinner with UMAK Board, Keynotes and other Guests (by invitation)


1 September: Kyoto University Museum



More info and registrations here.



Conference Room

Museum Boot Camp: Surviving and thriving within a parent institution

Jill Hartz and Barbara Rothermel



Seminar Room

Making University Museums Matter

Jill Deupi, Sharon L. Corwin, William Eiland, John Wettenhall and Christina Olsen



Seminar Room

Stealing Culture: Repatriation of Human Remains in University Collections

Nicole M. Crawford and Darrell D. Jackson





Room TBA

Working Group Teaching Tools

Chair: Dominick Verschelde (Belgium)



Room TBA

Working Group Best Practices

Chair: Barbara Rothermel (USA)



Room TBA

UMAC Futures

Chair Hakim Abdul Rahim (Australia)


2 September

ICC Kyoto, Room 510

14.30 UMAC 2019 Opening Session

– Marta C. Lourenço, UMAC Chair (10 min)

– Akiko Fukuno, Co-Chair UMAC 2019 (5 min)

– Hiroshi Minami, Co-Chair UMAC 2019 (5 min)

– Seishi Namiki, Chair of UMAK (5 min)

15.00 Session 1: Museums in Universities or University Museums?

16.00 Break

16.30 Session 2: The Future of University Museums and Collections

18.00 Opening Party


3 September

Room 510

13.30 Keynote Address 1: MUSEU NACIONAL, BRAZIL

14.00 Session 3: Joint Session with ICTOP (Plenary)

The P-MUS Project: Results and Q&A

Marta C. Lourenço, UMAC

Darko Babic, ICTOP

Sébastien Soubiran, Universeum

Jill Hartz, AAMG

15.00 Session 4: Poster Session (Plenary)

16.00 Break

16.30 UMAC AGM (Plenary with Elections)

18.00 Social Event at Nijo Castle


4 September

ICC Kyoto satellite building Inamori

13.30 Session 5/Session 6 (Standard Sessions)

14.30 Session 7/Session 8 (Standard Sessions)

15.30 Session 9/Session 10 (Standard)

16.00 Break

16.30 Session 11/Session 12 (Standard Sessions)

17.00 Session 13/Session 14 (Standard Sessions

18.00 Social Event


5 September – Off Site Meeting

Kyoto University Museum of Cultures, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

9.00 Keynote Address 2

– Seishi Namiki, Chair of the University Museum Association of Kyoto (UMAK), Director of Museums and Archives of Kyoto Institute of Technology

9.30 Session 15 (Standard Session: Japan)

10.30 Session 16 (Standard Session: Japan)

11.30 Visit to Kyoto University Museum of Cultures (

13.00 Lunch

14.00-19.00 Visits to University Museums and Collections

– Kyoto University Museum (

– Kyoto Sangyo University Gallery

And others, to be announced.

18.00 Social Event


6 September

Over 40 tours of culture and nature offered, in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and the Kansai Area.

Registrations in May 2019


7 September

18.00 Closing Ceremony and Party, Kyoto National Museum


University Museums as Cultural Commons

Keio University, Tokyo

9-10 September

Preliminary programme and more info here.