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Working Groups

UMAC has five working groups. The agenda of each is described below, together with a list of members. If you would like to be involved with the work of any group, please contact the Chair in the first instance.

The Chairs are asked to report informally to the board once a year (previous to the Annual General Meeting). The information contained in these reports will be circulated to members by Newsletter.


To collect information about other existing directories, catalogues and inventories, to accumulate basic information about university museums in many countries and present the results on the UMAC website:

Aims for 2010-13
To collect further information on university museums and collections worldwide and expand the number of records the database contains.

Cornelia Weber, Germany

Mauricio da Silva, Brazil
Joshua M. Gorman, USA
Christina Haywood, Ireland
Kate Arnold-Forster
Bertha T. Abraham Jalil, Mexico
Francoise Le Guet Tully, France
Marta Lourenço, Portugal


This group works towards the cause of university museums and collections by increasing their profile, recognition, and influence in public, academic and political spheres.

Aims for 2010-13
Increase the number of active UMAC members and participate or initiate networking activities to promote university collections and museums. Further, initiatives should be undertaken aimed at establishing a national or international union of universities.

Hugues Dreysse,France

Janine Andrews, USA
Axel Christophersen, Norway
Steven de Clercq, Netherlands
Dominique Ferriot, France
Karin Hagen, Norway
Kati Heinamies, Finland
Ofra Keinan, Israel
Michelle Loneux, Belgium
Marta Lourenço, Portugal
Judith Schiebout, USA
Geir Soli, Norway
Felix Sperling, USA
Peter Tirrell, USA
Bernard Van den Driessche, Belgium
Dominick Verschelde, Belgium


This group was established in 2003 to work in close cooperation with the Directories group to improve the structure and to further develop UMAC's website. The Publications group undertakes the task of selecting, editing and printing the double blind refereed Conference Proceedings, and other publications deemed to be in the interest of UMAC and the university museum's community.

Aims for 2010-11
- To publish the third issue of UMAC Journal (Berkeley’s Proceedings)
- To prepare the fourth issue (Shanghai’s Proceedings)

Nathalie Nyst, Belgium

Steven de Clercq, Netherlands
Joshua Gorman, USA
Lyndel King, USA
Greg Liggett, USA
Carol Mayer, Canada
Ing-Marie Munktell, Sweden
Andrew Simpson, Autralia
Peter Tirrell, USA
Sue-Anne Wallace, Australia
Robin Walsh, Australia
Cornelia Weber, Germany

Strategic Planning

To develop a strategic plan for UMAC: the WG will do this by working with the Board, the Chairs of WGs, and the Members to identify the most important goals and objectives, to create strategies, to align resources, and to accomplish tasks.

Aims and Activities 2010-13
We will continue to ask questions such as “Are the goals still valid?”, “What goals and strategies are most important?”. We will be assessing our resources and programs

Peter Tirrell, United States

Linda Bahm, USA
Cynthia Bettison, USA
Christine Khor, Singapore
Alan Knox, UK
Ramon Lerma, Philippines
Martha Lourenco, Portugal
Nathalie Nyst, Belgium
Peter Stanbury, Australia
Peny Theologi-Gouti, Greece
Dominique Verschelde, Belgium
Cornelia Weber, Germany

Further information:


UMAC Research Development

To maintain a network of information exchange for researchers/students concentrating on issues related to university museums and collections. The network will promote and active, two-way exchange between university museum and collections research community and UMAC members, offering reciprocal advice and insight.

Aim for 2010-11
To revive the activities of the Research Development Group.

Andrew Simpson

Samuel Alberti, UK
Ian Carradice, UK
Edmon Castell, Colombia
Steven de Clercq, Netherlands
Hugues Dreyssé, France
Mario Daniel Garcia, Colombia
Pierre-Antoine Gérard, France
Stephanie Alison Greene, USA
Kirsten Hardie, UK
Aldona Jonaitis, USA
Patricia Vásquez Langle, Mexico
Marta C. Lourenço, Portugal
Sebastian Moody, Australia
Natalie Nyst, Belgium
Luca Quijabo, Colombia
Aude-Laurence Pfister, Switzerland
Luisa Fernanda Rico, Mexico
Phillip Simms, UK
Claudia de Roos, Netherlands


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