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UMAC welcomes all who work in, are interested in or who manage, university museums and collections anywhere in the world.

... stimulate discussions ...

UMAC is important because it stimulates discussions, fosters international partnerships, develops links and advances knowledge. It regards quality of individual experience as essential in all its dealings. UMAC believes in diversity of approach.

... active and practical ...

UMAC attempts to reach its goals by a series of successive small steps. UMAC is young, growing, active and practical. It already has a proud publication record and its annual conferences are a wonderful experience.

... promote understanding ...

UMAC is important because it promotes better understanding and increases knowledge. It develops definitions, procedures and policies. With its international contacts it can help those who seek assistance. UMAC practices advocacy and respectfully proffers information where it is needed.

We welcome your comments about this website or about any matter concerning university museums. Please contact:

UMAC resolution on university collections (2013) 

First UMAC AWARD (May 2016)

UMAC Journal and Proceedings of the annual UMAC conference

Marta Lourenço, Chair (since 2016)
Hugues Dreyssé, Chair (2010-2016)
Cornelia Weber, Chair (2004-2010)
Peter Stanbury, Chair (2001-2004)

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