UMAC is part of  ICOM, the largest museum association in the world, encompassing more than 30,000 museums and museum professionals. All UMAC members are ICOM members.

Here are  three good reasons to join ICOM (apart from UMAC, of course).

UMAC is represented in 62 countries and territories all over the world.  Learn how to become a member of UMAC/ICOM.

Benefits (on top of those offered by ICOM):

  • Only UMAC members can make nominations to the UMAC Award.
  • Only UMAC members are eligible to UMAC travel grants.
  • UMAC members have reduced fees in UMAC activities (annual conferences, workshops, courses, etc).
  • Full access to the UMAC archives.


Do you have questions about ICOM or UMAC?

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