UMAC is the international committee for university museums and collections of the International Council of Museums ICOM. It is an international forum for all those working in, or associated with, academic museums, galleries and collections.


UMAC is the global advocate for higher education museums and collections of all disciplines.  UMAC’s mission is to contribute to society, for the benefit of all, by sustaining the continued development of university museums and collections as essential resources devoted to research, education, and the preservation of cultural, historic, natural and scientific heritage. 

UMAC fully upholds the values and principles enshrined in the  ICOM Code of Ethics (2013) and the  Magna Carta Universitatum (Bologna, 1988).



  • Provide an organised international forum for all professionals working in, or associated with, university museums, galleries and collections.
  • Promote research, and to compile and disseminate information about university museums, collections and heritage.
  • Foster within the museum community, policy makers and the general public increased awareness and visibility of university museums, collections and heritage.
  • Improve governance, preservation, access and public service of university museums, collections and heritage by providing opportunities to professionals for training and networking, collaborative partnerships and exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  • Stimulate the engagement of museums and collections with the promotion of university core values, such as education, research, creative thinking, freedom, tolerance and responsibility.
  • Contribute to the implementation of ICOM’s programmes, activities and strategic plan and stimulate communication between ICOM members with similar professional interests, specifically museums and collections in institutions of higher education.
  • Promote ICOM’s values, ethics, and standards of excellence in the higher education sector through support of best practices and strategic planning.



     From UMAC By-laws, September 2017.