The exhibition ‘Profession and Passion: A Life in Science’, Science Museums University of Aarhus, Denmark, is the winner of the UMAC Award 2021.

UMAC celebrates excellencecreativity, and, more importantly, the impact of university museums and collections on their host universities, their communities and contemporary society through the UMAC AWARD.

The UMAC AWARD was created in 2016. It honours excellence and innovation in university museums and collections worldwide. It seeks to distinguish recent outstanding contributions to all areas of museum and collections theory and practice, particularly those with interdisciplinary approaches and potential wide application.


Projects and initiatives eligible to the UMAC AWARD must be less than 3 years old at the time of the nomination. They may cover all areas of museums and collections theory and practice, including exhibition, education, conservation, teaching, research, management and business models, design and architecture, ethics, service to the university and the public, strategic planning, and advances in museology.

All university museums and collections are eligible regardless of their location, type or size. Nominees do not have to be UMAC members. However, they must be nominated by two UMAC members.


Projects or initiatives nominated must demonstrate: i) innovation/creativity; ii) excellence; iii) transferability of ideas that can be adopted by other university museums and collections regardless of geography, size or location; and iv) impact on the host university, the community or society at large.

Nominations must be made online by two UMAC members in good standing. Nominators can nominate themselves. If you are thinking of making a nomination, please read the UMAC Award Rules and, for reference, check the PDF sample of the form here.

Nominations for the UMAC Award 2023 will open soon.

All nominations must be made through an online form.


See examples of UMAC Award winners here:



Andrew Simpson, Vice-Chair UMAC, Australia
Steph Scholten, Vice-Chair UMAC, UK
Laishun An, Vice-President of ICOM, China
Isabel Garcia Fernandez, Vice-Rector Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Terry Simioti Nyambe, Vice-President of ICOM, Zambia
Chair (non-voting): Akiko Fukuno, Japan

Do you have questions about the UMAC Award?

Contact the Chair of the UMAC Award Committee: Akiko Fukuno