The next Elections for the UMAC Board will take place at the 19th Annual General Meeting, 3 September 2019, in Kyoto, Japan.

Election Committee

Chair:  Karin Weil (Chile)

Vice-Chair: David Ellis (Australia)

Elections Calendar

1 Dec 2018: Procedures and fundamental documents are made available here.

1 March 2019: Call for UMAC Board Candidates.

30 April 2019: Deadline for Submissions.

16 May 2019: Announcement of candidates.

1 June-15 July 2019: Proxies are sent to the Election Committee

3 September 2019: Elections.

Fundamental Documents

  UMAC Board: Responsibilities and Tasks

 UMAC Board Elections Procedure (available 1 December 2018)

 Candidate Election Form (available 1 December 2018)

 Proxy Vote (available 1 December 2018)