There are many formal and informal networks of academic museums and collections in the world. Networks are vital for the preservation, study and access of higher education heritage.

UMAC strongly encourages academic museums and collections to create networks at university, regional and national levels. It is actively engaged with several networks, both supporting activities and as project partner.


Below are some of the largest and most active networks in the world. If you know of any important network that is not listed, or if you would like to initiate a network in your own country, please get in touch with us.


Universeum, the European Academic Heritage Network

Scope: Europe

Creation date: 2000

Main document:  Halle Declaration (16 April 2000)

Contact: see website

UMAC partner


AAMG – Association of Academic Museums and Galleries

Scope: USA

Creation date: 1980

Contact: see website

UMAC partner


Academisch Erfgoed in Vlaanderen [Academic Heritage in Flanders]

Scope: Belgium (Flanders)

Creation date: 2007

Contact: see website


CAUMAC – Council of Australian University Museums and Collections

Group of the Australian Museums Association

Scope: Australia

Creation date: 1992

Contact: see website


Colecciones y Museos Universitários México (UMAC in Mexico)

Working Group under ICOM-Mexico

Scope: Mexico

Creation date: 2006

Contact: see website

Supported by UMAC


Cuban Network of University Museums

Scope: Cuba

The Cuban Network is coordinated by the Heritage Unit of the University of Havana.

Creation date: 18 May 2019

Contact: [icon name=”envelope”] Claudia Filipe (University of Havana)

Supported by UMAC


Forum of Brazilian University Museums & Brazilian Network of University Museums and Collections

Scope: Brazil

The Forum meets every two years and the Network is permanent.

Creation date: 1992 (Forum) and 2018 (Network)


  • Forum  Cristine Carole Muggler (Federal University of Viçosa)
  • Network  Maurício da Silva (University of São Paulo)

Supported by UMAC


Greek University Museums and Collections Working Group

Working Group of ICOM-Greece

Scope: Greece

Creation date: 2016

Contact:  Peny Theologi-Gouti (Patras University)

Supported by UMAC


Grupo UMAC en Perú (UMAC in Peru)

Under ICOM-Peru

Scope: Peru

Presently under organisation.


Supported by UMAC


Grupo UMAC en Chile (UMAC in Chile)

Scope: Chile

Presently under organisation.

Contact:  Karin Weil (Universidad Austral de Chile)

Supported by UMAC


KAUM – Korean Association of University Museums

Scope: South Korea

Creation date: 1961

Contact: presently unknown


Koordinierungsstelle für wissenschaftliche Universitätssammlungen in Deutschland [Coordination Center for Scientific University Collections in Germany]

Scope: Germany

Creation date: 2012

Includes national database of university museums and collections

Main documents: several, see here (in English)

See also: German University Collections Network

Contact: see website


NEAUCM – National Educational Alliance of University and College Museums

Scope: China

Creation date: 2012

Contact: see website


Network of Finnish University Museums (Suomen yliopistomuseoiden neuvottelukunta)

Scope: Finland

Creation date: 2011

Contact:  Panu Nykänen (Chair)


Observatorio Museos Universitarios (University Museum Observatory)

Scope: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

Creation date: 2018

Contact:  Mariana Santamaría


Polish Association of University Museums

Scope: Poland

Creation date: 2015

Contact: see website

Main publications: University Museums in Poland (2016).


Rete dei Musei Universitari Italiani

Scope: Italy

Creation date: 2011

Contact: see website


SAE – Stichting Academisch Erfgoed [Foundation for Academic Heritage]

Scope: The Netherlands

Creation date: 1997

Contact: see website


SEAUCM – Shanghai Educational Alliance of University and College Museums

Scope: Shanghai province, China

Creation date: 2005


South Africa University Museums and Collections Network

Scope: South Africa

Creation date: 2020 (first meeting 23 June 2020, with the presence of UMAC Chair and the support of ICOM South Africa)

Contact: Sian Tiley-Nel (Head of the University of Pretoria Museums)

Supported by UMAC


Southeast Asia University Museums Network

Scope: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

Creation date: 2010

Contact: presently unknown


The Taiwanese Alliance of University Museums (TAUM)

Creation date: 2017

Members: 21



University Museums Association of Kyoto

Creation date: 2014

Members: 14 (see here)

Contact: Seishi Namiki, Museums and Archives of Kyoto Institute of Technology (Chair)


UMG – University Museum Group

Scope: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Creation date: 1987

Main document: Impact and Engagement: University Museums for the 21st Century (2013) (UMG-UMIS)

Contact: see website


UMIS – University Museums in Scotland

Scope: Scotland, UK

Creation date:  1998

Members: University of Aberdeen, University of Dundee, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Art, Heriot Watt University, Robert Gordon University, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling.

Main documents: Opening doors to learning: University museums in 21st century Scotland (2004) and  Impact and Engagement: University Museums for the 21st Century (2013) (UMG-UMIS)

Contact: see website


Western China University Museums Network

Creation date: 19 July 2019

Members: 9

Contact: Zhao Ke, Electronic Science and Technology Museum, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu