UMAC is the international forum for university museums and collections. UMAC supports and promotes their use, development, stewardship, and appreciation. It advocates that museums and collections are globally important resources for inspiration, research, interpretation, teaching, outreach, and enjoyment. UMAC provides opportunities for sharing knowledge and best practices, initiating partnerships and networking worldwide through a variety of services.


UMAC is the recognized advocate and information center for the global community of university museums and collections.


Strategic Planning

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

2009-2010 Strategic Plan

Draft Revised Manchester 2007-2010 Strategic Plan

Manchester Update 2007-2010 Revised Strategic Plan

2008-2010 Operational Plan

2007-2010 Revised Strategic Plan (outdated)

Strategic Plan (outdated)


Other Documents

Function/Aim, History, & Future of the WG for Strategic Planning 2009

Function/Aim, History, & Future of the WG for Strategic Planning 2008

Graphic Representation of UMAC’s Strategic Planning Process

Members of the Working Group for 2007-2008

List of Members of the Task Force

Additional Information re: Strategic Planning

UMAC Enviromental Scan for Strategic Planning (draft from 2005 survey revised in 2007)

Analysis of 2006 Survey of WG Members and Board Members

Strategic Planning Working Group Reports (see AGM Reports)

Areas of Overlap UMAC & ICOM

Special Acknowledgements