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UMAC 2022


The Power of Museums 
20-28 August 2022, Prague, Czech Republic

Integrated in the 26th ICOM General Conference

For the first time ever, four important committees of ICOM join efforts in Prague to organise a super conference encompassing university museums and collections (UMAC), natural history museums ( NATHIST), museums and collections of ethnography ( ICME) and regional museums ( ICR). The theme of the joint conference will be ‘THE POWER OF MUSEUMS: SUSTAINABILITY‘.

This will be a hybrid conference, aligned with ICOM 2022. Registrations, fees, accommodation and general information is provided at the ICOM 2022 website.

General Information on ICOM 2022 Prague

Important Dates

  • 22-23 August: Joint Annual Conferences of UMAC, NATHIST, ICME, ICR
  • 25 August: UMAC Off-Site Meeting: Hrdliček Museum, Charles University of Prague

Preliminary Program

  • UMAC-NATHIST-ICME-ICR 2022 (soon)
  • UMAC Off-Site Meeting (soon)

Call for Proposals (soon)

Travel Grants (soon)

UMAC will award a number Guidelines for speakers, instructions for posters, maps and locations, etc.

Useful Information (soon)

Guidelines for speakers, instructions for posters, maps and locations, etc.


  • Organising Committee: Dorit Wolenitz (Israel, Chair NATHIST), Irena Žmuc (Slovenia, Chair ICR), Marta Lourenço (Portugal, Chair UMAC), Ralf Čeplak Mencin (Slovenia, ICME).
  • Program Committee: Andrew Simpson (Australia, UMAC), Christel Schollaardt (The Netherlands, NATHIST), Dorit Wolenitz (Israel, NATHIST), Fiona R. Cameron (Australia, ICME), Huang Lei (China, ICR), Irena Žmuc (Slovenia, ICR), Marta Lourenço (Portugal, UMAC), Peter Ride (UK, ICME), Phaedra Fang (Taiwan, NATHIST), Ralf Čeplak Mencin (Slovenia, ICME).
  • UMAC LOC Chairs (Off-Site): Nathalie Nyst (ULB, Belgium), Martina Galetová (Hrdliček Museum, Charles University of Prague)

University Museums in Prague (soon)

Acknowledgements (soon)