In order to join UMAC as a member, there are two possibilities.

1) You are not a member of ICOM

ICOM has two types of committees: National Committees  (per country and territory) and International Committees (per speciality). You enter ICOM through your National Committee (e.g. ICOM China, ICOM Colombia) and then choose your main International Committee, which would be UMAC.

Join ICOM  through your National Committee here.

If your country or territory does not have a National Committee, please write the ICOM Secretariat Membership service via

Do not forget to say you want to be a member of UMAC.

2) You are a member of ICOM but your main International Committee is not UMAC

Send the following message to the ICOM Membership service via

”I am a member of ICOM and wish to become a voting member of UMAC. Please register me with UMAC / change my voting choice to UMAC.”

Strike out as appropriate, and add your name and ICOM number. Do not forget to copy the UMAC Secretary

You can also join UMAC through IRIS memberspace. See here how:


If you are interested in joining, contact us so that we make sure we include you in our communications right away. It is not necessary to be a member of UMAC to subscribe to our mailing list UMAC-ML.