UMAC initiated strategic planning at the 2005 UMAC Annual Conference in Uppsala, Sweden. Under the leadership of Peter B. Tirrell (USA), Ing-Marie Munktell (Sweden) and others, UMAC has created a vision and a mission, as well as a UMAC’s initial Strategic Plans, under the Working Group Strategic Planning (see Archive).

Following these initial steps, in 2016 UMAC developed its Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, aligned with ICOM’s strategy and strongly anchored in consolidating UMAC’s vision and expanding its mission to new university museums and collections landscapes.

The UMAC Strategic Plan 2016-2019 has three main goals:

  • Goal 1. Improve UMAC governance and efficiency
  • Goal 2. Consolidate UMAC’s role as a reference for university museums and collections
  • Goal 3. Expand UMAC and improve its inclusiveness


Download UMAC Strategic Plan 2016-2019: