IMAGINATIONS is a project from UMAC FUTURES, UMAC’s program aimed at connecting young university museums professionals and support their professional and personal growth.

IMAGINATIONS comprises a series of online conversations with young professionals from all over the world, sharing their experiences in university museums, their expectations and hopes and their views about the world in general.

It is coordinated by Zhao Ke, Co-Chair of UMAC Futures and Director of the Museum of Electronic Science, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, CHINA. 

If you want to contribute, please email Zhao Ke.

Imaginations #1: Eva Gartnerová, Czech Republic

Imaginations #2: Mariana Santamaría, Argentina

Imaginations #3: Federica Gigante, UK

Imaginations #4: Sladjana Savic, Serbia

Imaginations #5: Ayumi Terada, Japan

Imaginations #6: Holly Millward, Australia

Imaginations #7: Mohamadou Moustapha Dieye, Senegal

Imaginations #8: Rebeca Bombonato, Brazil

Imaginations #9: Manuela García Lirio, Spain

Imaginations #10: Michelle de la Harpe, South Africa

Imaginations #11: Kelsey McMorrow, Australia


Imaginations #13: Helena Cox, UK


Imaginations #14: #UMAC2023 Student Committee, Australia


Imaginations #15: Amohelang Martha Mohajane, South Africa