UMAC 2019 Pre-Conference Workshops


1 September 2019


C. Garcia (c) MUHNAC-University of Lisbon

UMAC will offer three fantastic workshops before its 19th Annual Conference in Kyoto. The workshops aim at stimulating our conversations and discussions about issues of importance to contemporary university museums, collections and heritage.

Both UMAC members and non-members can participate in the workshops.

A separate registration is required due to space constraints.

Museum professionals from Kyoto and Japan are most welcome and enthusiastically encouraged to participate.

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Boot Camp for Academic Museums: Surviving and Thriving within a Parent Institution (all day)

Facilitators: Jill Hartz and Barbara Rothermel

Making University Museums Matter (morning)

Facilitator: Jill Deupi; Presenters: Sharon L. Corwin, William Eiland and John Wettenhall

Stealing Culture: Repatriation of Human Remains in University Collections (afternoon)

Facilitators: Nicole M. Crawford and Darrell D. Jackson