Candidate for: VICE-CHAIR

Fatemeh Ahmadi

Medical University Museum, Tehran University, Iran

ICOM No. 54232

Nominators: Tayeebeh Golsabahi (Iran), Damon Monzavi Amroubadi (Iran)

Biographical note

  • Bachelor in Museology 2002 (Heritage Organization University of Iran)
  • Working as a Curator at the Iran National Museum of Medical Science History since 2003
  • Master of Art Research in Tehran University 2019
  • ICOM member since 2008 up to now (International Council of Museums)
  • UMAC member since 2010 (University Museums and Collections Committee)
  • UMAC Ordinary Board Member since 2016 up to now. Link to CV.

Qualifications for the position

I am founding Board Member of AIME (Association of Iranian Museums Experts). I have good connections with all of museologists in Iran. With achieving this Position (vice-President) I can find good connection with museologist in Arab countries and Persian languages countries in Middle East.

Currently, we have high quality in some Arab countries. But they can’t find UMAC database and they don’t have good connection with our committee.

It seems that having an active member with a strong and powerful position in this area (middle east and north of Iran) can greatly contribute to the growth and expansion of UMAC committee.

Main goals of candidacy

I am UMAC Ordinary board member since 2016 up to now and I could develop and add 25 university museums from IRAN in UMAC database in Iran since 2011 up to now.

My first aim to join UMAC 2022-2025 to know more about university museums around the world and them to know about museums in middle east and our culture too. This is a chance to do this aim more directly. It is a great help to continue the relationship with the group of UMAC. I have enjoyed working this especial committee.

I would like to learn about this wonderful activity between powerful theorists and international UMAC members with helping BOARD of UMAC.

I always use my potential with the other museums (visiting, holding workshop with them, exchange exhibitions). I have good connections to many curators in my country.

I should added Arab UNIVERSITY MUSEUMS in UMAC database in 6 years ago, but I couldn’t connect to Arab Countries. It was my weakness point. But I know they have high quality museums and sometimes university museums. Also I am Member of the founding board of AIME (Association Iranian Museums Experts) since 2012 up to now. I am active in social media also (Instagram and Telegram with 2 pages more than 10K followers: , @farhange.muze).

I share all the time my information about ICOM and UMAC with followers in Instagram and Telegram and also I am lessening their problems in various museums. If I get the chance to be selected for again in board member as a VICE-President.

I look forward hearing from you and stay your disposal for further information.