Candidate for: SECRETARY

Gina Hammond

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

ICOM No. 38944

Nominators: Andrew Simpson (Australia), Paul Donnelly (Australia)

Biographical note

I have attached a brief CV detailing my work history and highlighting my interest in university museums and collections. For about 18 years, I have loved working in the university sector as both a professional and academic staff member, specifically focused on university research and teaching. Link to CV.

Qualifications for the position

I am passionate about the potential of University Museums and Collections (history / research / teaching/ museums / galleries / the potential of all those objects) and have over 18 years’ experience in university museums, teaching and research collections, art galleries and sector committees and would very much like to extend that experience internationally. Over this time, I have been fortunate to develop a far-reaching network with the industry locally, nationally and internationally.

Committees and experience of relevance here include:

1) AMaGA NSW – previous state secretary (Australian Museums and Galleries Association)

2) CAUMAC – current national secretary (Council of Australian Museums and Collections)

3) MUMAC – current chair for the Macquarie University museums and collections group

4) I am currently on the planning committee for the 2023 UMAC Conference at the University of Sydney’s Chau Chak Wing Museum in Australia

5) I have worked in and for various types of university museums and collections. This includes modern Australian social history; ancient cultures – predominantly Egyptian, classical Greek and roman; ancient numismatics; sport; psychology; contemporary art; libraries and archives. So, I have exposure to a variety of types of collections and museums and the issues often faced in the university context.

6) Academically, I have taught into museum studies programs at Macquarie University and Sydney University in units as diverse as artefact studies, collection management, and museology of natural history; as well as AU-based and international internship programs. The mentorship I was able to provide for these enthusiastic people at the start of their careers was, and continues to be, very satisfying. Grant and research projects I have been involved in have mainly focused on object-based pedagogies and lifelong learning in the museum context. A current research project is focused on the value of art and social history objects for people living with dementia, we are currently running a pilot where we visit the nursing homes with a selection of objects and artwork (previously patients would visit the art gallery at the university gallery).

7) My education at undergraduate (BSc with BA) level was focused on museum studies, paleontology, Indigenous studies and history. My Honors research focused on the impact of a specific museum policy targeting Indigenous issues which was conducted in the Department of Indigenous Studies. My PhD expanded on issues of representation in the museum setting, this was with the discipline of Museum Studies, which was in the then Department of Environment and Geography.

Main goals of candidacy

I see the role of secretary in this instance as a bridge for information, communication and advice between the board and members UMAC represents in the university sector internationally. I see this role as more than just the practical support I can provide, to ensure all board meetings are managed effectively for the benefit of all members represented by UMAC.

My goals for the role would include working to ensure a clear understanding of how UMAC creates value for its members and how that is expressed; and to further understand and explore the organisation’s needs both now and into the future, to ensure its continued relevance to those working and collaborating in this sector. To do this I am aware that I will need to keep up to date with how university museums and collections operate within the university sector on an international scale.

My first time presenting at an international conference was a UMAC Conference, in 2012 in Lisbon. UMAC is the people, and those people there were passionate about museology in the university sector and so very willing to share their expertise. I would be very happy to be able to serve UMAC members and continue the tradition of knowledge sharing and support.