UMACJ Editorial Board

Alistair Kwan | Lecturer, Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Simpson | Library (Archives and Collections), Macquarie University, Australia

Barbara Rothermel | Director, Daura Gallery & Associate Professor, Museum Studies, University of Lynchburg, USA

Gina Hammond | Manager, Psychology Test Library, Macquarie University, Australia

Hugues Dreyssé | Director, Jardin des Sciences, University of Strasbourg, France

John Wetenhall | Director, George Washington University Museum, George Washington University, USA

Kate Arnold-Forster | Director, University Museums and Special Collections, University of Reading, UK

Marta C. Lourenço | Director, Museum of Natural History and Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Mirna Heruc | Director, University Collections, University of Adelaide, Australia

Steph Scholten | Director, The Hunterian, University of Glasgow, UK