UMAC invites all museum and heritage professionals to participate in the Off-Site Meeting day of UMAC 2019 in Kyoto, 5 September 2019.

The day will be entirely dedicated to Japanese University Museums and Collections, comprising two parts: i) Open Session in the morning, for everyone interested, free of charge (Keynote, two sessions dedicated to ‘The Future of University Museums in Japan’, and visit to Kyoto University Museum of Cultures); and ii) Field Visits in the afternoon (restricted to UMAC members and UMAC 2019 participants).


Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (how do I get there?)


9.00 Keynote address

University Museums Association of Kyoto (UMAK) and Beyond: New possibilities for university Museums

Seishi Namiki, UMAK/Kyoto Institute of Technology

Moderator: Hiroshi Minami, Kyoto University Museum of Cultures

9.30 Challenges of Public Access

Moderator: Hugues Dreyssé, Jardin des Sciences, University of Strasbourg, France

Aspirations and activities of Kokugakuin University Museum

Takashi Uchikawa, Satoshi Oikawa & Rira Sasaki, Kokugakuin University Museum, Tokyo

Nanzan University Museum of Anthropology: The museum for everyone’s curiosity

Hiroshi Kurosawa, Nanzan University Museum of Anthropology, Nagoya

Challenge for the future at the University Museum of Tokyo Tech

Sayuri Tanabashi, Museum and Archives, Tokyo Institute of Technology


10.30 Challenges of Collaborations and Resources

Moderator: Hiroshi Kitazato, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan

Community contributions and human resources development through external collaborative activities of university museums

Hiroshi Minami, University Museum of Cultures, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto

Life-size model of the One-Mat Room bridging past and future

Megumi Gushima, Tomoko Kobayashi, Maho Takase & Naoko Fukue, International Christian University, Tokyo

The value of collaboration between university museums

Kunihiko Wakabayashi, Doshisha University Historical Museum, Kyotanabe

Art collection as scholarly resource and business-academia collaboration

Rintaro Terakado, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba


11.30 Visit to Kyoto University Museum of Cultures

Guided by Hiroshi Minami

Lunch is not provided, but UMAC will recommend restaurants nearby.

Participants will be able to enjoy two special exhibitions:
(1) Special Exhibition Commemorating ICOM Kyoto: Ancient Latin American Arts—from Our Own Collection
Venue: University Museum of International Cultures, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (BLDG 5)
(2) An exhibition in association with ICOM Kyoto 2019: Cultural Property Dock at KUFS—Artisans in Architecture of Japanese Temples and Shrines
Venue: BLDG 9
  • Guided tours of the two exhibitions will be held.
  • Workshops will be held with the support of citizen and student volunteers: (1) Experience of Japanese carpentry tools, and (2) Play with traditional Japanese toys and games.
KUFS will be open until 17:00, so participants will be able to enjoy the exhibitions and workshops even after the Off-Site Session.

14.00 Visits to Kyoto University Museum and the Museum and Archives of the Kyoto Institute of Technology

How do I get there?



Akiko Fukuno