Fire at the Natural History Museum and Botanic Garden, Belo Horizonte

So sad that yet another tragedy hit a university museum in Brazil. This week, a fire at the Natural History Museum and Botanic Garden, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, destroyed part of the collections.

Photo Divulgação COBOM, Brasil.

UMAC sends to our friends in UFMG our condolences and full solidarity. We are also forwarding dozens of messages that are arriving from everywhere in the world to the Museum director, Prof. Mariana Lacerda.

UMAC is working closely with ICOM Brazil and the UFMG Museum Network to accompany the situation and help when we can.


Fire at Odessa College, Ukraine

We received news of a major fire at Odessa College in Ukraine yesterday. There are several victims, plus “the scientific library of the Institute of Marine Biology, its laboratory equipment, prototypes and scientific collections were completely destroyed”.

UMAC expresses its deepest sorrow for the loss of lives in this fire. We also extend our support and solidarity to the workers of the Institute of Marine Biology and, more generally, Odessa College.