METABOLIC MACHINES at University of Copenhagen

Works by Thomas Feuerstein at Medical Museion

On May 22, Medical Museion opened the exhibition Metabolic Machines, which features works by the Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein. It is centered on two of his living sculptural machines, in which microscopic life carries out processes of transformation. The machines are literally metabolisms: living systems in which the biochemical breakdown and remaking of matter takes place. The machines also provide the raw materials for the artist’s work, in which matter transforms into art: sugar becomes sculptures and algae become paintings.

Feuerstein explores the transformative processes of life through biological sculptures, paintings, and drawings. He creates artistic narratives, revolving around mythological themes, visions of possible futures, and the complicated relationships between our bodies and technology.

The exhibition is part of Medical Museion’s work with experimental approaches to science communication as part of The Novo Nordisk Foundation for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen.

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