Meeting with Ukrainian university museum professionals

Following a short presentation by Svitlana Muravska at the UMAC Conference in Prague, last August, UMAC is organising this Thursday 29 September a meeting with Ukraine university museum professionals.

The meeting, live on UMAC YouTube channel, will count with UMAC Chair Andrew Simpson, the President of Universeum Sébastien Soubiran and Marta Lourenco.

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New UMAC Board elected

Today, the UMAC Board 2022-2025 was elected at the 22nd Annual General Meeting, held online and transmitted live in our  YouTube channel.

The new UMAC Board comprises:
CHAIR: Andrew Simpson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Fatemeh Ahmadi, Medical University Museum, Tehran and University, Iran 
Giovanna Vitelli, The Hunterian, Glasgow University, UK 
SECRETARY: Gina Hammond, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
TREASURER: Dominick Verschelde, Gent University Museum, Belgium
Ana Isabel Díaz-Plaza Varón, Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Margarita Guzmán, Museo de la Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia
Sian Tiley-Nel, University of Pretoria Museums, South Africa
See them here.


The winner of the UMAC Award 2022 was announced today.

It’s The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China), with UNIMINUTO (Colombia) and the University of Tokyo (Japan) in second place.

Read press release.

The UMAC AWARD celebrates excellencecreativity, and, more importantly, the impact of university museums and collections on their host universities, their communities and contemporary society.

The UMAC AWARD was created in 2016. It seeks to distinguish recent outstanding contributions to all areas of museum and collections theory and practice, particularly those with interdisciplinary approaches and potential wide application.

Read more about the UMAC AWARD 2022 here.


6 September (Tue), 9:00 (Lisbon), 16:00 (Hong Kong), 17:00 (Tokyo)

Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Time TravelHong Kong


8 September (Thu), 9:00 (Lisbon), 17:00 (Tokyo)

The University Museum, the University of Tokyo (UMUT) / Intermediatheque

Orchids Blossom – Botanical Art Collections from the University of Tokyo


13 September (Tue), 14:00 (Lisbon), 8:00 (Bogota), 22:00 (Tokyo)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá

THESIS project


WINNER: to be announced on September 18, at 12:00 Lisbon/London time:


UMAC Award 2022 finalists

The UMAC AWARD 2022 finalists have been announced today by Akiko Fukuno and Marta Lourenco.

Learn who they are here. And watch the announcement on UMAC YouTube channel:

The announcement of the winner of the UMAC AWARD 2022 will be made live in our YouTube channel. Save the date: Sunday, 18 September, 12 PM Lisbon/London time.

22nd UMAC Annual General Meeting, 19 September 2022

Dear UMAC Members,

For the first time in three years, the UMAC community will finally meet in presence, next week, in the beautiful city of Prague, Czechia. We are very excited. We will have a joint meeting with three ICOM committees – NATHIST, ICME and ICR – and also a separate meeting at Charles University in Prague. More packed than ever, the whole program can be found here.

While UMAC is looking forward to Prague, organizational and logistics limitations led ICOM to recommend committees to host their 2022 general meetings online yet for another year. I am therefore inviting you to participate in our 22ndAnnual General Meeting, which is scheduled for MONDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER, at 12.00 PM London/Lisbon/Dublin time. Like in 2020 and 2021, all UMAC members in good standing can attend via Zoom. Note that the 22nd AGM will also be broadcasted live on You Tube, but only registered members on Zoom will be able to actively participate and vote.

Every three years, usually aligned with the ICOM General Conference, UMAC holds elections for the Board. This will again happen this year, and we have an excellent group of candidates – if you have not seen them, please click here. I profit the opportunity to express our gratitude to the Elections Committee, Kirsten Vincenz (TU Dresden) and Sofia Talas (University of Padua).

You can find the AGM agenda and associated documents in our governance section. I also attach them. Instructions to vote for the new UMAC Board will be released closer to the date. If you have questions about your membership, or anything else, please contact Wenjia Qiu, UMAC Secretary, at

On behalf of the UMAC Board, I look forward to seeing you in Prague and, especially, at our 22nd online AGM, 19 September.

Marta C. Lourenço

Chair of UMAC-ICOM

University of Lisbon, Portugal

IMAGINATIONS Series: Three new videos

Three new videos from the IMAGINATIONS series, a project from UMAC Futures, have been released.

This time, Zhao Ke, co-chair of UMAC Futures, talks to Manuela García Lirio (Spain), Michelle de la Harpe (South Africa) and Kelsey McMorrow (Australia) about the interests, aims and aspirations of university museums young professionals.

The videos can be watched in UMAC YouTube channel.