Six months after the explosion in Beirut

Exactly 6 months after the terrible tragedy of the Beirut explosion, UMAC and Universeum want to evaluate the situation of university museums and collections, and museums and cultural heritage in general.

Where are we now? What was achieved and what remains to be done? What are the main problems and difficulties?

Invited speakers:

Suzy Hakimian, Chair of ICOM Lebanon, Director of the MIM – Museum of Mineralogy of the University of Saint-Joseph

Leyla Badre, ICOM-Lebanon

Elsa Urtizverea, Heritage Protection Coordination, ICOM

Nadine Panayot, Curator, Archaeological Museum Associate, Professor of practice, Department of History and Archaeology, American University of Beirut

Maya Haïdar-Boustani, Director, Museum of Lebanese Pre-History, University of Saint Joseph of Beirut

Joanne Farchakh, Board of Blue Shield-Lebanon, Chair of BILADI NGO

Gilbert Nicholas and David Chelala ,Architects specialized in museums, who mobilised and coordinated the specialized team of volunteers.


Marta Lourenço, UMAC President

Sébastien Soubiran, Universeum President