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The University Museums and Collections Journal is a peer-reviewed, on-line journal published by the International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC), a Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

The journal publishes original research on aspects of museology and museum practice in higher education globally. Articles published in the University Museums and Collections Journal explore theoretical concepts of museology in a higher education setting. Leading scholarship on the materiality of higher education also features.

The Editorial Board of the Journal welcomes original articles submitted by researchers at any time. We also welcome correspondence with authors on possible contributions to the Journal.

For information on publishing your work in the journal, the Editorial Board, the review process, selection criteria and submission guidelines, please read more here.

For further questions and correspondence on publishing in our journal, please contact the Editor Andrew Simpson.



UMACJ Chinese edition

Cover UMACJ 9 in Chinese.

In September 2018, UMAC signed an agreement with Shanghai University Museum, China, to provide translations of our journal University Museums and Collections Journal (UMACJ) into Chinese.

This agreement allows UMACJ to be available to a new and large sector of museum practitioners and university administrators as a free open source publication.

Volumes 8 & 9 of UMACJ are now available with more to follow soon.

UMAC is deeply grateful to the Shanghai University Museum for this important work through our on-going partnership.

UMACJ No 10 is out!

The latest issue of UMACJUniversity Museums and Collections Journal — has just been released.

Edited by Panu Nykänen, Barbara Rothermel and Andrew Simpson, UMACJ 10 comprises a selection of papers from UMAC’s Annual Conference in Finland in 2017, featuring case studies from university museums and collections in Albania, Australia, Estonia, China, Greece, and many others.

The issue also includes a special article by Panu Nykänen offering some perspectives on the formation of UMAC in 2001.

UMACJ is an open access journal and No. 10 can be downloaded here.

Strengthening global university museum collaboration in China

UMAC President, Marta Lourenço, recently signed two significant agreements in Shanghai, spin offs of UMAC’s partnership with the Qian Xuesen Library and Museum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2016. 

The first is for the development of a university museum app for iOS and Android (pilot version). 

Marta Lourenço and Zhao Ke, director of the Electronic Science and Technology Museum (ESTM) (photo courtesy QLM-SJTU).

This is a partnership with The Electronic Science and Technology Museum (ESTM) of the University Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC) in Chengdu. This is a university museum, and the first comprehensive electronic science and technology museum in China. UMAC President Marta Lourenco says “We are committed to increasing the visibility of university museums and collections worldwide. With the ubiquity of hand held devices these days, this development will make UMAC’s world-wide database more accessible to a broader global audience.” “We believe China’s Electronic Science and Technology Museum, as a university museum are excellent partners for this enterprise. We are delighted to be working with them. It will bring data about university museums to everyone’s phone.” 

The second is the translation of Journal editions into Chinese. This is an agreement with Shanghai University Museum. UMAC has been publishing a journal since 2001. This agreement will make the University Museums and Collections Journal (UMACJ) available to a new and large sector of museum practitioners and university administrators.

Marta Lourenço and LIU Shaoxue, Director Shanghai University Museum (photo QLM-SJTU).

UMACJ Editor Andrew Simpson says “We are working towards making UMACJ the primary academic source for the emerging speciality of university museum work. This agreement will engage Chinese university museum curators and scholars in the work of UMAC”.

Read the full media release.